Wi-Fi Dash Cam

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Wi-Fi Dash Cam

Wi-Fi Dash Cam

Why you shoud choose the SAVV DASH CAM™

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
The SAVV DASH CAM is equipped with the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

(ADAS) that provides audio and visual alerts.

• Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)
Alerts driver when the vehicle strays out of lane only when driving speed is

over 60km/h.

• Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS)
Alerts driver if the vehicle gets too close to the front vehiclewhen driving speed is

over 40km/h.



• Forward Vehicle Star Alarm (FVSA)
Alerts driver when front vehicle has started moving forward only when the driver's vehicle is at a stop.
* The above mentioned features are only available with a built-in GPS or when a external GPS is connected to the device. 


Format Free Technology
Unlike many other devices that require regular re-formatting, the SAVV

DASH CAM is based on the FAT32 that stores the video files in chronological

order, therefore maximazing the capacity of the SD card and minimizing

re-formatting by user.
* Be advised that the file management system will overwrite the oldest files
   first if the memory is full.

   So backup important files seperately.

User Selectable Recording
Volume Setting

Unlike many other devices, SAVV DASHCAM’s user can dynamically select

the volume of SD card for each recording mode depending on the user’s

importance or actual pattern of use.

Supports Multiple Channels
Our dashcam can support up to three video inputs, allowing the driver to

view the conditions of the vehicle from a variety of different angles.

For example, Front, rear, and interior.

Wide Angle Lens
With a frontal camera of 150° and a rear camera of 130° we have reduced

the blind spot ratio to a minimum therefore, maximizing the view to provide

safety and legitmate videos when needed.



Smart Battery Discharge
Protection Technology

In order to prevent the car battery to discharge, the device will automatically shutoff when the voltage is lower than a the voltage set by the user.

High Temperature Malfunction
Protection Technology

To protect the dash cam and the recorded files, the device
will automatically shutdown when it reaches a certain temperature, therefore, keeping the product and data safe from any harm.




Supports Various Recording Modes and Auto Mode Switching
SAVV DASH CAM has a high quality camera that allows you to record every moment while you drive your car or when it is parked.
With its motion senser, gyro sensor, and ACC on/off funtions it switches between different recording modes according to the situation.

• Parking Mode
Monitors your vehicle when the ignition is off. A combination of motion

detectors and impact sensors are used to protect your car from hit-andrun

* Professional installation is highly recommended

• Normal Recording Mode
Normal Mode automatically operates when ACC is on.
While driving,
you can continuously store all the footages in one-minute

video files.

• Motion Detection Recording Mode
When car is parked, if an object passes in front/back of the vehicle, Dash

Camautomatically starts detection and records the motion.
Without additional changes to the settings, it can automatically detect and

record a person approaching the parked car, whether to vandalize or steal

from the car. Videos recorded in Motion mode will be saved seperately. 



• Event Recording Mode
Using the gyro sensor you can detect impacts to your car while driving or parking and record them seperately. The camera constantly records when driving so it will record the footage of up to 15 sec before and after the impact and stores it safely.


• Manual Recording Mode
Similar to a video camera, you can use the Manual Mode to record events that occur in front of you even if your vehicle is not involved .
You can also use this feature to capture special moments such as a falling meteor or a herd of bison crossing the road.
* There is an optional remote control which you can use for manual recording. Short press takes a picture while a long press records a video of the moment the camera has been capturing.

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